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13 Great Poses for Some Uplifting Yoga in Winter

Unwind with uplifting winter yoga! Discover 13 poses to rejuvenate your body and mind during the colder months. Embrace wellness with seasonal yoga!
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Once winter arrives, most of us go into our form of hibernation. We are typically cozied up in our homes under a warm blanket, eagerly awaiting the festivities. As they do, we spend our days surrounded by our closest ones, eating tons of food, fully embracing the holiday spirit.

However, we tend to go astray from our usual routines because of said festivities. Cheat meals are becoming more common, our workout regimens become messed up, and the sense of ‘sluggishness’ is stronger than ever.

Since the goal is to become the best versions of ourselves no matter the season, now is the perfect time to do yoga in winter! 

According to Ayurveda, winter is a Kapha season characterized by Vata energy. Said energy is known for dry and cold qualities, so you need to “warm it up” by doing yoga in winter.

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As you may know, not all poses are suited for every season, so you’ll need to do ones that will bring a sense of warmth, restoring your inner balance. For that reason, we’ve rounded up some of the best yoga poses to do in winter that promote well-being and centeredness. 

1. Downward Facing Dog 

downward dog pose

Every yogi, despite their level, is familiar with the powers of the Downward Facing Dog! The reason why this pose is the top choice for yoga in winter is due to its balancing qualities. Namely, you can achieve inner harmony since your body is split in half.

While doing the pose, have a firm grip on the ground - this will balance the Vata energy. On the other hand, every breath you take will influence Kapha, thus getting the perfect balance. 

2. Chair Pose 

 chair pose

As previously mentioned, lots of sitting and laying down accompany this hibernating season, so why not make it work to your advantage? The chair pose is ideal for those who suffer from cold feet (the literal kind) because your quads are engaged.

That said, whenever they start feeling weak, focus on your breathing and try to direct the air to your muscles. Your legs will warm up in what seems like an instant! 

3. Crescent Lunge 

 crescent lunge pose

Standing poses are generally known to improve heat, balance, and stamina. Knowing that Vata comes with its fair share of haziness, you might not think as clearly as usual.

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For that reason, the Crescent Lunge is the ideal pose for yoga in winter, as it will help you sharpen your mind. Moreover, with your arms and head high up in the air, you’ll feel the present moment deep within you. 

4. Plank 

 plank in yoga

After seeing the plank, you’ve most likely let out a big grunt. But we both know the plank can do wonders for your body, especially in the wintertime! Love it or hate it, the plank can warm you up in a matter of seconds because all of your core muscles are actively engaged. That said, instead of blasting the heating to high temperatures, a minute of doing a plank will get the blood going quite nicely. 

5. Revolved Prayer Lunge 

Revolved Prayer Lunge

Since you’ll be eating more than usual during the holiday season, you need to include plenty of twists and turns for yoga in winter. A Revolved Prayer Lunge can be an excellent addition because it can improve your digestion.

Furthermore, this pose is known to provide a ‘massage’ for your organs, so expect your sluggishness to drift off slowly into the air. 

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6. Fish Pose 

 fish pose yoga

Winter, as beautiful as it is, can do quite a number on our health, specifically our lungs. Your throat, chest, and sinuses need to be as open as possible.  The Fish Pose can help you with this, as the backbend clears up your torso wonderfully. 

7. Triangle 

 triangle yoga pose

Again, most of us are thrown off balance during winter, be it the weather or the overall cozy feeling that comes with the season. Still, to be the best version of yourself, you must be centered despite the season.

The Triangle pose is known for restoring balance in the body as all of the muscles in your body are activated. However, due to the shape of the pose, you’ll find that your yoga in winter session will be rather calming and peaceful. 

8. Thunderbolt w/ Skull-Shining Breath 

 Thunderbolt w Skull-Shining Breath

This seated pose is best done once you begin your session, but due to the cold, it might be best for you to set up a cushion underneath your feet.

Nonetheless, the reason why we paired Skull-Shining breathing with it is that this method is also known as the ‘Breath of Fire’. Considering the cold, do we need to explain more? 

9. Sun Salutations 

 surya namaskar

Whenever winter comes, the setting for most of us is gray-covered skies combined with a sharpness in the air that doesn’t feel most pleasing. That said, whenever we get a simple ray of sunshine, we value it like it’s the best gift in the world!

So, perform sun salutations to heat your body up once the season gets menacing. Luckily, you don’t need to do them only when the sun is out. Who knows - with so many performances, you might even manifest it to come out! 

 10. Fierce Pose 

 Fierce Pose

Once the world starts to get wrapped with fairy lights and decorations everywhere, it’s no surprise that most of us put our goals in the back seat. After it’s over, however, feelings of anxiety and guilt tend to creep up, leaving us in a foul mood.

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That’s why the Fierce Pose is an essential part of yoga in winter. Not only will this pose bring warmth, but it will also make you feel empowered. Both your physical and mental state will become stronger, preparing you for whatever challenges life throws at you. 

11. Bow Pose 

 bow pose

Instead of curling up under a cozy blanket on your couch, why not curl your entire body? The Bow pose will invite a lot of energy into your internal organs and increase your blood flow.

However, we chose it for the winter due to its chest-opening abilities. By now, you know how important it is to keep the torso clear during the season, so incorporating this pose into your sessions regularly is more than recommended. 

12. Headstand 


We know that some experienced yogis like to be challenged constantly, so not including the “king” of all poses would be a crime! The headstand is quite advanced, meaning that absolute beginners and those with neck problems should avoid it at all costs.Try moving your legs a bit for increased stamina, but always practice safety! 

13. Corpse Pose 

corpse pose

While incredibly jolly, the season's festivities can get overwhelming rather quickly. In turn, most seek a moment of relaxation and peace where you can just shut off and be in the present moment.

While the Corpse Pose isn’t the most energetic one, its calming qualities are not to be diminished. So, whenever you feel like the Vata energy is taking hold of you, doing this pose for a few minutes will be sure to restore it. 

Get Started with Yoga this Winter 

These were our suggestions for the most effective poses for yoga in winter. Of course, you’re allowed to enjoy the season in all of its cold yet festive glory, but always be mindful of your goals. In the meantime, make sure to read the rest of your blogs to find out how you can keep your well-being in tip-top shape year-round! 

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