Trista Sutter’s Morning Routine

Trista Sutter’s Morning Routine

“I'm not a morning person, but I find that when I am in the zone in the kitchen, getting everything ready – the lunches for the kids and breakfast – by making my Healthy Beets+, it’s a great way to set my day on a perfect course,” says Trista Sutter. “I'm relaxed in the kitchen, I'm usually alone, it's quiet, and I know I'm fueling myself with goodness.”


“What I love most about Healthy Beets+ is that it’s a mess-free way to get the goodness of beets without the overbearing taste of beets,” says Trista. “Beets are actually one of my favorites, especially a good beet salad. And when I cannot get a beet salad or I don't want to do the prep work for it—because it's just a little messy—I love my Healthy Beets+.”

“I actually have Healthy Beets+ every morning,” adds Trista. “I have found that it just gives me exactly what I need to start my day with the knowledge that I am fueling myself with all the goodness of beets.”

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