5 Ways to Spring Into Self-Care

5 Ways to Spring Into Self-Care

There are so many reasons to love spring. It’s like a big, satisfying stretch after the long, deep sleep of winter. The sun stays out a little longer and the weather is warmer. Plus, the fresh, earthy smells of the ground thawing, grass sprouting, and flowers and trees blooming wakes up our senses. And suddenly, all that was gray starts to pop with color, inviting us outdoors to take in the vibrant magic of spring!

And since spring signifies rebirth and renewal, why let nature have all the fun? Get in on the action and take some self-care steps to re-emerge and blossom into a recentered, refocused and refreshed you

Here are 5 ways to spring into self-care just like a perennial flower sprouting and blooming again for the fresh season ahead. 

  1. Visit a Farmers’ Market 
    One sure sign of spring is when farmers’ markets open for the season—typically in May or early June. This is exciting because farm stand produce spends more time on the vine allowing it to reach its full nutrient potential, and it also helps us build a more positive relationship with the food we eat when we get it straight from the farmers who grew it. Plus, you can take them up on their extensive knowledge and ask for their first-hand tips on how to store and prepare your market finds. So, get ready to take home some seasonal strawberries, rhubarb, lemons, cherries, asparagus, spring greens, herbs, peas, and radishes to add to your meals.

  2. Revamp Your Morning Routine
    If you don’t have a mindful morning routine in place, it’s time to create one. Your morning routine can take many forms depending on what serves you best. Popular elements are waking up quietly and postponing any news, emails, or device alerts until after a few mindful rituals are completed. Experiment with meditation or visualization, practicing affirmations, gratitude journaling, and exercising or reading. Once you find a morning routine that works for you, stick with it. 

  3. Plant a Garden
    Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty planting a garden this spring. In addition to beautifying your yard or balcony, it’s scientifically proven to make you happier. Research pulled from 22 studies on the topic showed that the seemingly simple act of gardening had a profound effect on life satisfaction. Researchers found that those who garden were less anxious and depressed, felt that they have an elevated quality of life, and even reported that they inadvertently reduced their body mass. 

    So, whether you have a yard to plant in or a smaller space like a balcony, there's plenty you can do. Consider a container herb garden if growing your own food excites you, but if pretty flowers are more your style, visit your local garden center and talk to an expert about your sun exposure for recommendations on what will thrive in your space. 

  4. Exercise Al Fresco
    If you’ve been getting your sweat on in the stale air of your local gym all winter long, it’s time to get some fresh air in your lungs and the soothing sounds of nature in your ears! Whether you enjoy running, yoga, bodyweight movements or clocking miles on a bike, just about any type of exercise can be done outside—with even better views.

    Working out in nature has also been shown to have greater mental health benefits than indoor exercise. Studies have shown it to be more revitalizing, energizing, and engaging than indoor fitness, all while being more effective at reducing tension, confusion, anger, and depression.

  5. Refresh Your Home
    By refresh, we mean transforming the decor and vibe of your space to reflect the season. Start by swapping out any heavy faux fur throw blankets and pillow shams for lighter, airier cotton or linen fabrics. Next, trade your cold-weather candles and essential oils for bright citrus and floral scents, and keep a regular display of fresh-cut flowers from the market on your kitchen counter each week. You can also consider re-painting a room you spend a lot of time in, such as a home office, and pick up a new plant or two to bring more nature inside your home.

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