The Purely Inspired Brand Celebrates Mother’s Day

The Purely Inspired Brand Celebrates Mother’s Day

Iovate employees and influencers help the nutrition brand celebrate the moms who do it all by encouraging all mothers to ‘Do What Makes Them Feel Good’ this Mother’s Day


New York, NY & Oakville, ON (May 7, 2021) – For all the moms who juggle busy schedules and still manage to put their families (or fur babies!) first, Iovate Health Sciences International Inc., under its Purely Inspired label, is excited to celebrate you this Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 9th. Iovate has major love for our moms, the moms on our team, and our community of hardworking moms. That’s why the Purely Inspired brand is so happy to celebrate the work that all moms do, and the love that they give day in and day out. While mothers somehow manage to do it all on a daily basis, this Mother’s Day we encourage all moms to ‘Do What Makes You Feel Good.’

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Photo credit @kashiapalmer
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In an effort to connect with and celebrate all moms in an authentic way, Purely Inspired will be sharing highly engaging content from influencers and their own employees that all mothers can relate to. More than 20 influencers, ranging from birth and adoptive mothers, cat and dog moms, LGBTQ+ moms, step moms, and blended family moms, will be sharing two perspectives from their family on Mother’s Day. These videos will include, ‘What Will Make Mom Feel Good On Mother’s Day?’ from the child’s perspective and ‘What Will Make ME Feel Good On Mother’s Day?’ from the mother’s perspective.


Iovate also sent out a Mother’s Day survey asking more than 300 of their global employees from around the company, ‘What Will Make YOU Feel Good This Mother’s Day?’ from the mother’s perspective and ‘What Will Make Mommy Feel Good This Mother’s Day?’ on behalf of their children and/or pets.

For the ‘What Will Make YOU Feel Good This Mother’s Day?’ question, some Iovate employees responded:

  • Mother’s Day is always my time to get my family to help me in the garden, from spreading soil and mulch to planting flowers and veggies. Mainly, I enjoy spending time with the kids doing something that does not require an electronic device.
  • A long nap and a delicious dinner that I don’t have to cook.
  • Being able to see my children and granddaughter.
  • Hugs, kisses, cake with ice cream and chocolate, being pampered, going to the beach, and receiving gifts.
  • For my sons to go on a hike with me and spend some time away from their phones.
  •  A bunch of flowers and a day of free time.

For the ‘What Will Make Mommy Feel Good This Mother’s Day?’ question, some Iovate employees responded (on behalf of their children and/or pets):

  • A massage and flowers.
  • DOG: Stop stealing her food. BABY: Not farting on her so much.
  •  Answer from daughter: US!
  •  Sleeping in.
  • Some jewelry and a gift card to nonessential stores.
  • Me cooking for her and making a delicious Mommy’s Day Brunch filled with mimosas.
  • If I avoid pooping in her garden. (From a doggo to their Mom)

In addition to the influencers who will be sharing their stories on social media, more of these employee responses will also be shared anonymously on the brand’s social media platforms. From pet moms to moms from all backgrounds, Purely Inspired is thrilled to be celebrating every mom this Mother’s Day with feel good moments and gifts.

Built on the commitment to make accessible and affordable nutrition for all, Purely Inspired designs its products to fit all of life’s moments. The Purely Inspired line of nutritional products contains choices that are free of artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners in addition to being non-GMO, gluten free and soy free. Purely Inspired products are all available for purchase on,,, and select retailers across North America. For more information on Purely Inspired products, visit, or follow us on FacebookTwitterTikTok and Instagram for product information, news, updates, special promotions and more.

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