4 Easy Ways To Add Protein To Your Day… No Shaking Required!

4 Easy Ways To Add Protein To Your Day… No Shaking Required!

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good post-workout protein shake. We’re here for the convenience of simply mixing a scoop or two in your favorite shaker, putting it in your gym tote, and after a good exercise session, adding water to reward your hard working muscles.
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Fitness enthusiasts have been using this method for years as a way to increase lean muscle and support post-workout recovery. But if this format isn’t your cup of tea, yet you want to reap the benefits of adding high-quality protein goodness to your lifestyle, the options are plentiful, fun, and delicious. 

Blend It

Ready to take your smoothies to the next level? Keep your Purely Inspired Organic Protein company by pairing with fruit, veggies, non-dairy milks like oat or almond, and a variety of nut butters. You can even prep everything in the blender the night before and make your morning a whole lot smoother

Froth It

Channel your inner barista with a handy little frothing tool and enjoy latte style beverages minus the price tag. You can pick up one of these handy gadgets for less than $10. Then simply froth warm and cold protein beverages and prepare to host all future coffee dates at your place.   

Bake It

Satisfy your sweet tooth and kick desserts up a notch, while having a little fun in the process. Add protein to bars, balls, pancakes, cookies, muffins, and loafs. Got little ones around? Promote them to sous chefs for the day. 

Sprinkle It

Purely Inspired Organic Protein comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors, and both are the perfect nutrition addition to hot and cold cereals. Try it in pudding too for a protein-packed snack.  

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