How to Make Whipped Coffee with Collagen

purelyinspired whipped coffee collagen

Whipped coffee is all the rage these days. Learn how to make it with our Purely Inspired Collagen Peptides!



  1. Combine instant coffee, sugar and boiling water in a bowl. Using a hand mixer, stand mixer, hand frother or hand whisk, whip the ingredients together. Use a hand mixer or stand mixer to get the best results. Keep in mind, you may have to mix it for several minutes to get those stiff peaks.
  2. In a glass, combine your milk and 1 scoop of Purely Inspired Collagen Peptides. Stir or shake it up and pour it over a cup of ice.
  3. Spoon your fluffy coffee mixture over the milk. First, take a picture of your beautiful creation, then stir in the whipped coffee with the milk, since the whipped part itself is quite strong.
  4. Enjoy!