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What is the Best Way to Take Collagen?

Discover optimal collagen intake methods for skin, joints, and more. Learn best practices for maximum benefits in just the right way.

Now more than ever, people rave about the importance of collagen supplements, saying that it’s an essential part of their diet. This is especially true if they’re leading an active lifestyle. Surely, you’ve seen a ton of ads online promoting various kinds of collagen powders or capsules, promising exceptional results.   

Naturally, you may have bought these supplements yourself, or at least considered them, but everyone seems to have a different opinion when it comes to how you should take them. As a result, this prompts the question - what is the best way to take collagen? 

This is precisely what we will look into in this blog.

We’ll show you how to take collagen supplements effectively so you can reap their benefits. Moreover, we’ll also highlight its importance and how it can help you in your wellness journey.

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Before we do that, however, let’s take a look at some of the general characteristics of collagen. 

Collagen 101 

Collagen is the most abundant structural protein in every cell and tissue in our bodies, including our bones, skin, and tendons. This protein is naturally made in our bodies but depletes as we age.

More specifically, this process begins when we are in our late twenties, and as we grow older, its levels get significantly lower. It’s been shown that aging greatly impacts connective tissue, resulting in weaker skin that has difficulty retaining moisture.

With that in mind, people turn to collagen supplements to increase their levels, which in turn provide several benefits.  

Furthermore, people take collagen supplements for many reasons. It is recommended for people who lead active lifestyles to look into ways to take collagen supplements.

Due to modern manufacturing, many of them feature great amounts of protein, which can help you achieve your fitness goals easier,  for example, mass gain. 

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Ways To Take Collagen Supplements 

While collagen is naturally present in animal-based foods like meat and fish, which contain ample connective tissue, a range of both animal and plant-derived foods offer essential components necessary for collagen synthesis within our own bodies. 

As we age, our bodies naturally produce less collagen over time. However, the decline in collagen production accelerates when exposed to excess sunlight, smoking, high alcohol consumption, and a lack of sufficient sleep and regular exercise. These lifestyle factors can contribute to a more rapid reduction in collagen levels. 

Although certain foods contain collagen, supplementing with collagen can help ensure you are receiving the right amount. Let’s take a deep dive into them! 

  • Collagen Powders 

As previously mentioned, it is believed that the best way to take collagen is in powdered form. Also known as collagen peptides, these powders contain hydrolyzed collagen, which breaks down easily, making them easy to digest.

To take collagen effectively, you can mix the powders in all sorts of beverages, such as juices, smoothies, water, and even tea and coffee.  

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Another reason many people turn to collagen powder supplements is their versatility. We already mentioned how they can be added to various drinks - with just one dose, a normal glass of water transforms into a powerful drink. 

However, these powders can be mixed into foods as well! Many unflavored options are available on the market, so they won’t change the flavor of your dishes.

However, it’s important to mention that the supplement will switch up the texture of your foods and drinks. In addition, if not shaken properly, some collagen powder brands are prone to clumping, making them much harder to digest.

That said, when using collagen, ensure it’s mixed well with a blender, whisk, or a simple shaker bottle. 

  • Collagen Capsules 

In contrast, some people state that the best way to take collagen is by ingesting capsules. Since they’re in pill form, it’s very easy to take them along with you, making them extremely practical in the long run.

Additionally, this option is best suited for people who don’t have much time and have busy schedules, especially in the morning. Compared to collagen powders, capsules are also unflavored and can easily be swallowed with just one sip. 

Still, convenience and practicality shouldn’t be the main factor when choosing which type of collagen supplement is ideal for you. Namely, capsules don’t have the same amount of collagen as powders.

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If they are a requirement, sometimes you may need to take up to 6 capsules to reach the recommended serving. As a result, you’ll run out of them quicker, meaning that you’ll have to pay a lot more compared to the previous option. 

  • Collagen Liquid 

Lastly, liquid collagen is another way to take collagen supplements, ideal for people who struggle with swallowing pills. They come in all sorts of varieties, usually in concentrated form that should be mixed with water or a shot-like version.

Just like capsules, collagen liquids are convenient to carry around, so you needn’t worry if you’ve forgotten to take your daily dose. Additionally, concentrated liquid collagen is perfect if you want to boost your hydration since it requires to be mixed with water. 

On the other hand, liquid collagen supplements share the same disadvantage as the capsules - they have a significantly lower amount of collagen compared to powders.

Moreover, some of them may even feature different kinds of vitamins, minerals, extracts, and artificial flavors that might not be suitable for you. Lastly, the biggest disadvantage of this collagen form is that some formulas have unique flavors that may not be suited for everyone's taste. 

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What Is The Best Way To Take Collagen? 

It all falls to personal preference. However, most people seem to prefer powdered collagen supplements because of the amount of protein inside them. 

Depending on your age, metabolism, and overall health, most collagen supplements contain 20g of Collagen per serving.  

For instance, you should try including collagen powder in your daily drinks like coffee or tea so you can establish a habit of taking it. You can also do this in your food as well, but it would take much longer. Just make sure to mix it nicely to prevent clumping. 

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When Is The Best Time To Take Collagen? 

Just like the best way to take collagen, the same notion applies to the ideal time of taking them. Because this should be a daily habit, some prefer to take collagen in the morning as soon as they wake up or once they have their cup of coffee/tea.

Alternatively, others take it before they go to bed.  For the best results, consider taking it consistently. 

Additional Nutrients Contributing To Take Collagen Effectively 

In addition to the way of taking collagen supplements, you can also include other nutrients to boost its effectiveness. For instance, Vitamin C majorly contributes to collagen synthesis. More specifically, it features prolyl and lysyl hydroxylase, which are known to stabilize collagen molecules.  

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Now that you’re aware that powders are considered the best way to take collagen, it’s time to stock up your shelves with them. However, if you’ve taken an interest in them before, you already know that the market is oversaturated, making the decision for the right one for you challenging. Luckily, we’ve got a product for you that will surely provide exceptional results - the Purely Inspired Collagen Peptides! 


Boasting 20g of collagen peptides, this supplement is perfect for starting your day on the right note. Its formula includes Type I and Type III collagen, which is grass-fed, non-GMO, and completely gluten-free. In addition to the peptides, this powder also includes 18g of high-quality protein, beneficial for people who are regularly hitting the gym. 

Since Purely Inspired Collagen Peptides doesn’t include additional flavor, colors, or sweeteners, you can easily mix it in all sorts of drinks and dishes, including coffee! Also, it doesn’t contain any sugars, and the formula dissolves instantly, so you needn't worry about clumps! 

Over to You 

We hope this article has helped answer the question regarding the best way to take collagen.  You should start taking collagen supplements like the one we highlighted above.  

If you enjoyed reading this article, take a look at the rest of our blogs. You will find all sorts of  tips that will come in handy for your routine! 

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