3 Easy Brownie Mixes For Quick Baking

3 Easy Brownie Mixes For Quick Baking

Americans may not have created some of the most popular desserts in the world, but they
sure are known for putting their own spin on many of the classics.
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Since brownies happen to be a classic American dessert, why not mix things up and make
delicious brownies that suit your healthy lifestyle? After all, a recent study showed that 9.7
million Americans, or nearly 3% of the US population, now follow a plant-based vegan diet.
And a recent survey revealed that more than 39% of consumers in the United States and 43%
in Canada are trying to incorporate plant-based foods into their diet.

Therefore, if you know that your protein intake is lacking, one way that you can get a healthy
dose of plant-based protein, while also treating yourself to a delicious dessert, is to make
yourself brownies with plant-based protein every now and again. That’s because plant-based
protein powder is an easy and efficient way to boost protein intake for people who want
more protein from their diet.

So, whether you’re a healthy professional, a busy mom, or a student-athlete who has a jampacked schedule, the Purely Inspired brand has you covered with high-quality protein that
you can add to your active day (and your favorite dessert!) in order to fuel your life organically.

3 Easy Brownie Mixes For Quick Baking

Melissa of Modern Honey breaks down her favorite brownie mixes here. By adding Purely
Inspired plant-based protein
 to any one of these three easy brownie mixes, your body will
also be getting delicious, high-quality protein.

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