Easy Workouts That Spark Joy

Easy Workouts That Spark Joy

Whether you’re a seasoned fitness fan looking for a change, or someone who wants to get started but doesn’t know where to begin, these fun but effective workout ideas will have you sweating joy. From splurge-worthy tools to gear that cost next-to-nothing, there’s something for everyone.  


Think trampolines are just for kids? No way. There are so many benefits for adults. Not only can you work all muscle groups, but it can also help your balance, bone density and relieve stress. If you’ve got the space and the budget, an outdoor trampoline starts at about $200, and provides a larger area to move around and go higher. Small trampolines range from $40 to $80 and can be used for more than just bouncing. Think of a gym bench, or step, for things like push-ups and triceps dips. They are also easy to move around the house or tuck away in a closet when you’re not using it. Jumping jacks, scissor jumps, and ski jumps are all great moves to get you started.  

Jumping Rope 

The jump rope is basically the most inexpensive of fitness equipment, you can purchase one at any dollar store for a couple bucks. It’s also the most convenient, it easily goes anywhere you do. But logistics aside, there are numerous benefits to jumping rope. It gets the heart pumping and is a great form of cardio. It can work as a warm-up before lifting weights and improves coordination and agility. And if you’re having a bad day, jump rope for a bit and boost your mood.  


Portable and inexpensive, less than $10, this kid-inspired workout will really challenge the core muscles and work your lower body. Hula hooping can improve your balance and posture, plus it’s a great aerobic activity, comparable to salsa and belly dancing. If you’ve got kids, invite them to join you for a workout that feels like anything but.   

Roller Skating 

During the pandemic, roller skating made a come back in a big way. We’re talking about old-school 1980s roller rink roller skating. And though the roller rinks were closed for a time, it didn’t stop us from ordering some skates and taking to the pavement. Now that rinks are opened again, the trend hasn’t slowed one bit. But Friday night fun or intense workout? We think both! Roller skating requires using your arms, shoulders, core and glutes. But it’s low-impact so easy on the knees and joints. It’s also a great calorie burn, approximately 600 calories an hour, and if you’re new on the scene, provides a thrill of learning a new skill. You can rent skates from the roller rink for a small fee, but if you want to invest in your own, they start at about $50, but for the joy they bring……priceless.   

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