Green Protein Puppy Chow!

Green Protein Puppy Chow!

Recipe by Valentina of @forfitandgigs

In a large bowl combine:

•2 cups of shredded wheat cereal
•1/4 cup Purely Inspired Organic Protein in French Vanilla

In a microwave safe bowl, combine:
•2 TBS maple syrup
•2-3 TBS nut butter of choice (cashew butter works best for the green color but you can use your preference!)
•2 TBS white chocolate chips (Microwave and stir) Add in a splash of natural green food coloring for a green St. Patty’s twist!

Combine all ingredients together, then evenly coat the Puppy Chow with a pinch more protein powder until evenly dusted. Add in your favorite festive marshmallows and enjoy your St. Patty’s treat! 💚

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