Can You Put Protein Powder in Coffee

Can You Put Protein Powder in Coffee? Tips and Recipes

Discover how adding Purely Inspired protein to your coffee can support musclebuilding goals and increase energy. Make your coffee work harder for your fitness goals. 
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Did you know that a single scoop of protein powder can transform your morning coffee into an almost magical drink that supports your fitness goals? supports muscle health and metabolism?

This simple addition is rapidly becoming a favorite among fitness enthusiasts and anyone who wants to improve their dietary habits.

The concept is easy yet impactful: by mixing protein powder with your daily coffee, you're not only getting your caffeine fix but also fueling your body with essential nutrients to support muscle repair, growth, and an overall healthy lifestyle.

This protein-infused coffee strategy is especially relevant for you if you are on a fitness journey or if you want to make your diet work harder for your healthy lifestyle. Let's talk about it and see how you can add this nutritional boost to your routine – and make your first cup of the day work twice as hard.

So, can you put protein powder in coffee? Let’s find out! 

Benefits of Adding Protein Powder to Coffee

Adding protein powder to your morning coffee is not just a short-lived trend right now – it’s a strategic nutrition move with many benefits, particularly for anyone who is physically active.

Protein plays an important role in supporting muscle recovery and development. Following a workout, our muscles crave protein for repair and to gain strength. Kicking off your day with a cup of coffee enriched with protein supports muscle recovery and readies it for any exercise that lies ahead.

But the benefits go beyond just supporting muscle repair. Protein can also satisfy hunger and stopping unnecessary snacking all day. A morning brew with added protein sets a positive tone for your eating habits and brings you closer to your fitness aspirations.

Coffee enhances alertness with increased energy and enhances focus (thanks to our beloved caffeine). This combo gives you a gradual energy release and avoids the fast surge (and following crash) that is often linked to carb-heavy meals or sweet beverages. Protein's amino acids are important to support your muscle-building routine, whereas caffeine is known to increase energy.

So, here are the benefits to remember:

  • Enhanced muscle support
  • Satisfies hunger
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Enhanced mental focus and energy
  • Convenient nutrient intake

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Practical Guide to Mixing Protein Powder with Coffee

Infusing your morning coffee with protein powder is a fantastic way to kickstart your day on a high note. It gives you an immediate energy lift alongside vital nutrients. Here's an easy-to-follow guide to making a smooth, clump-free protein coffee that's as enjoyable to drink as it is beneficial for your health. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Start with Hot Coffee: Begin by brewing your favorite coffee. Warm coffee mixes better with protein powder compared to cold coffee.
  2. Choose Your Protein Powder: Whey, collagen, and plant-based proteins are all excellent choices for coffee. Whey protein is popular for its fast absorption, which makes it ideal post-workout. Collagen can support your fitness goals. Plant-based proteins, such as pea or rice protein, are great for those following a vegan-friendly lifestyle. Purely Inspired offers a range of clean, organic protein powders that blend seamlessly into coffee.
  3. Mix Separately: To avoid clumping, mix the protein powder with a small amount of water or milk to create a smooth paste. This step is needed for a smooth texture.
  4. Combine with Coffee: Gradually add the protein paste to your hot coffee, stirring continuously. For best results, use a hand frother or blender to make sure the protein is fully dissolved and the coffee is creamy and frothy.
  5. Adjust to Taste: Customize your protein coffee with additional flavors if desired, such as vanilla extract, cinnamon, or cocoa powder, for an extra taste kick.

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Tips for Success

  • Temperature Matters: Warm coffee is more effective at preventing clumps, but extremely hot temperatures can denature some proteins, which affects their nutritional value. Aim for a balanced heat.
  • Protein First: Adding the protein powder to the cup before the coffee can also help reduce clumping, as the gradual addition of liquid helps dissolve the powder more evenly.
  • Shake It Up: For on-the-go convenience, you can shake your protein powder and coffee in a sealed flask or shaker bottle. Just be cautious of the pressure build-up from the hot coffee. 

Featuring Purely Inspired Products

Our protein powders are designed with your convenience in mind. Our Organic Protein offers a clean, plant-based protein source – perfect for adding to your coffee without altering its flavor. 

For those interested in the added benefits of collagen, our Collagen Peptides dissolve effortlessly in hot beverages, which also makes them an excellent choice for your morning routine. No matter your preference, Purely Inspired is here to support your journey with every sip. 

Creative Protein Coffee Recipes with Purely Inspired

Elevate your coffee game with these simple yet delicious protein coffee recipes, featuring Purely Inspired protein powders. No matter if you’re in the mood for a warm, comforting cup or a refreshing iced coffee, we’ve got you covered.

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1. Classic Hot Protein Coffee


  • 1 cup of freshly brewed hot coffee
  • 1 scoop of Purely Inspired Organic Protein (Vanilla or Chocolate, based on preference)
  • Optional: Cinnamon or nutmeg for extra flavor


  1. Prepare your hot coffee as usual.
  2. In a separate cup, mix a scoop of Purely Inspired Organic Protein with a little cold water or milk to form a smooth paste.
  3. Gradually add the hot coffee to the paste, stirring continuously. For a frothier texture, blend for 30 seconds.
  4. Sprinkle with cinnamon or nutmeg for a spiced touch. Enjoy a warm, protein-packed start to your day!

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2. Iced Vanilla Latte Protein Coffee



  1. Brew your coffee and let it cool, or use cold brew coffee.
  2. In a blender, combine the cooled coffee, Purely Inspired Organic Protein, and a dash of vanilla extract if desired. Blend until smooth.
  3. Fill a glass with ice cubes and pour the blended coffee over.
  4. Add almond milk to your liking, stir, and savor the refreshing taste of your iced vanilla latte protein coffee. 

3. Mocha Protein Frappé



  1. In a blender, combine the chilled coffee, Purely Inspired Organic Protein, banana (if using), and ice cubes.
  2. Add the chocolate chips or a sprinkle of cocoa powder for that decadent mocha taste.
  3. Blend until smooth and frothy. Pour into a tall glass and indulge in a chocolatey, protein-rich frappé.

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4. Matcha Protein Latte



  1. Dissolve the matcha powder in hot water, whisking until there are no clumps.
  2. Stir in the Purely Inspired Collagen Peptides until fully dissolved.
  3. Add almond milk to your preferred creaminess and sweeten if desired.
  4. Enjoy a twist on the traditional latte with the added benefits of protein and the unique flavor of matcha.

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With Purely Inspired protein powders, you can easily whip up a variety of protein coffee recipes to keep your mornings interesting and nutritious. Whether hot or cold, these drinks offer the perfect combination of flavor, energy, and protein to support your fitness goals and keep you satisfied. 

Our Tips for Making Protein Coffee

  • Optimal Timing: The timing of your protein coffee can significantly impact its effectiveness. Drinking it about 30 minutes before hitting the gym can energize your workout, whereas enjoying it after your session can support muscle recovery. If it's replacing a meal or serving as a snack, think about your overall protein needs and spread them out during the day for maximum benefit.
  • Make It Your Own: Modify your protein coffee to suit your preferences and objectives. Adjust the quantity of Purely Inspired protein powder to meet your specific protein requirements. Experiment with different flavors — for example, you could add a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg, or a splash of vanilla extract for a special flavor. If you’re watching your calorie consumption, choosing unsweetened almond milk or avoiding sweeteners altogether can be a wise choice. 

Elevate Your Coffee Ritual with Purely Inspired

Can you put protein powder in coffee or can you not? Well, in the end, the choice is up to you. We think protein coffee is an amazing drink that can help you start your day the right way. 

It doesn’t matter if you're preparing for an intense workout session or just looking for a wholesome way to start your morning, protein coffee is a great thing to help you fulfill your fitness goals and take care of yourself. 

A diet or exercise plan can only succeed if you enjoy it and if it works with your everyday life. It needs to be flexible, easy, and delicious. Try protein coffee for an easy way to upgrade your nutrition! 

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