Purely Inspired® To Extend Wellness Made Easy Campaign Through Sunday, July 17; Classpass Added To Rewards Program

Purely Inspired® To Extend Wellness Made Easy Campaign Through Sunday, July 17; Classpass Added To Rewards Program

Wellness Rewards of up to $50 included with any Purely Inspired® purchase

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New York, NY and Oakville, ON (May 31, 2022) – Purely Inspired® Nutrition (www.purelyinspired.com), a premium brand that focuses on making high-quality, nutritious products, has announced the extension of its Wellness Made Easy campaign that started on May 3, through Sunday, July 17. 

The Wellness Made Easy campaign will reward more than 184,000 consumers with wellness gifts of up to $50 simply by uploading a copy of their purchase receipt of a Purely Inspired® product to www.purelyinspiredrewards.com. Now, as part of the program, credits on the popular ClassPass® app are now an option, as are personal training sessions, yoga, spin, barre, nutritional consultations and spa services through TLC Marketing, valued up to $50.

The new ClassPass® option comes through a marketing agreement between Purely Inspired® and TLC Marketing and marks the first such partnership between the widely popular fitness app and a nutrition brand. 

“ClassPass is excited to be a part of the Wellness Made Easy campaign. Wellness isn’t one size fits all and we are thrilled to welcome Purely Inspired consumers onto our network so they can decide just how they would like to experience wellness through our diverse network of studios, spas, and salons.” said Ivy Wu, Vice President of Consumer Growth at ClassPass.

ClassPass®, like Purely Inspired®, makes it easy to prioritize your healthy lifestyle, bringing together the world’s best classes and experiences since 2013. The company has booked millions of classes over the last nine years in 30 countries across the globe and now serves as a wellness benefit at some of the world’s leading employers.

With a single membership, ClassPass® users choose from a broad range of options across thousands of gyms, exercise studios and wellness providers including workout classes such as strength training, yoga, pilates, and boxing and spa treatments such as massage, acupuncture, manicures and more. 

“The involvement of ClassPass® and its dynamic network of fitness services, classes and wellness offerings only further amplifies the tremendous value Purely Inspired® is able to provide for consumers through its Wellness Made Easy initiative,” said Jarrod Jordan, the Chief Marketing Officer for Iovate Health Sciences, makers of the Purely Inspired® brand.  

Built on the commitment to make nutrition accessible, Purely Inspired® designs its products to fit all of life’s moments. The Purely Inspired® line, which includes Organic Protein, Superfoods and Collagen Peptides, delivers “all of the good stuff with zero fuss,” in super convenient formats to compliment healthy and active lifestyles. The easy-to-read labels on each bottle convey important information about the products and add transparency to the Purely Inspired® brand’s ingredients, allowing consumers to pick the Purely Inspired® product that best suits their lifestyle. 

Purely Inspired® products undergo multiple rounds of sensory analysis to ensure that our best tasting formulas come to life, and all product claims are backed by research and are formulated by in-house scientific experts. The Purely Inspired® line of nutritional products contains choices that are free of artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners, in addition to being non-GMO, and gluten free. For more information on Purely Inspired® products, visit www.purelyinspired.com, or follow Purely Inspired® on Facebook®, Twitter®, TikTok® and Instagram® for product information, news, updates, special promotions and more. 
For full program details, please visit www.purelyinspiredrewards.com.

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