Deck The Halls Using These 13 Tips & Tricks

Deck The Halls Using These 13 Tips & Tricks

Let’s face it: household decor can be pricey, and seasonal decor is even harder to justify given that it’s only on display for a short while. Luckily, there are plenty of cheap-and-cheerful ways to deck the halls for less with a few crafty and creative hacks. 

Here are 13 easy ways to turn your home into a winter wonderland and spread joy all season long!

  1. Snowflake Curtains

Make a festive impression from the moment anyone lays eyes on your home with a display of snowflake curtains hanging in the window. Start by making a variety of paper snowflakes—if you don’t remember from being a kid, here’s a refresher—and then attach your snowflakes to yarn, ribbon, or fishing line using glue dots. Make as many as needed to fill your windows with a blizzard of snowflakes. 

  1. Make A Hula Hoop Wreath

If you have an old hula hoop on hand, spray paint or tightly wrap your hoop in twine—and glue gun to secure it. Next, attach fake or real foliage of your choice to a section or the entirety of the hoop using a glue gun. Start with something as your base such as evergreen branches and then layer on flowers and smaller details such as pine cones, bows, and holly.

  1. Make A Pine Cone Garland

To make a DIY pine cone garland to hang in doorways, on mantels, and along banisters, start by either flocking your real or artificial pine cones with fake snow or dipping them in silver glitter. Next, tie the base of each pine cone to a piece of twine— making them all different lengths—and add a dot of glue for extra hold. Finally, tie each cone’s string to one long piece of string, which will become your garland. All that’s left to do is hang it!

  1. Turn Kitchen Cabinets Into Life-Sized Presents

Turn your kitchen into Santa’s workshop by taping ribbon (complete with giant bows) around your kitchen cabinet doors. It’s an easy and effective way to watch your everyday kitchen come to life with holiday spirit.  

  1. Use Gift Wrap To Create Decor

Use scrap or leftover gift wrap to add festive touches all around your home this season. Use gift wrap to line food trays and platters, plates that hold serveware or soap dispensers in a powder room, or temporarily wrap up coffee-table books or notebooks. You can also line the inside of  drawers—especially your guest room dresser drawers for all your overnight holiday guests! 

  1. Update Candles And Soaps

This one may be the easiest addition with the biggest impact. Swap out your traditional go-to hand and dish soaps, household candles, and essential oil blends for seasonal scents such as cedar, spruce, pine, balsam, cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin spice, peppermint, and apple.

  1. Get Twinkle Light Happy 

Twinkly string flights are affordable and add a warm and festive glow anywhere you place them. Adorn household plants, your fireplace mantel, a TV stand, banisters, and bedroom dressers with them. Arrange a battery-powered set under a bell jar or in lanterns for stunning accent pieces. 

  1. Swap Out Framed Photos

If you have a mantel-full of photos or a feature wall, you can temporarily swap existing portraits out for Christmas or winter scenes that you either print off at home or repurpose from a calendar. Picture snow-covered landscapes, cabins and villages, old-fashioned pickup trucks transporting Christmas trees, reindeer, and all your favorite season’s greetings. 

  1. Bring A Little Nature Indoors

Forage seasonal greenery, wild flowers, and branches from a wooded area near home and use the fresh clippings as seasonal decor. Place your finds in small vases on mantels, in powder rooms, and add them to your tablescape. Look for pine cones, holly, evergreens, mistletoe, and juniper.

  1. Use Ornament Balls In Endless Ways  

One of the most versatile items that you can use in countless ways is the timeless ornament ball. Thanks to the fact that they come in so many colors, sizes, and designs, you can use them in vases and decorative bowls, tucked into garland, or attach name tags to them for DIY place cards. Or you can string them onto fishing line for a homemade garland to hang in windows or off a mantel. 

Hanukkah DIY Decor Ideas 

  1. Add A Blue Hue

You can add a Hanukkah spin to any of the string light ideas above with a simple swap for blue twinkle lights instead of white. Drape them on a mantel, down a banister, around a feature wall, along the center of your dining table, or create an artful tangle and place them inside vases or lanterns. 

  1. Fill A Candy Bowl Or Vase With Dreidels

An easy Hanukkah hack that makes a great addition to your mantel, bar cart, or bookcase shelf is a vessel such as a candy dish, candy holder, lantern, or vase filled with dreidels of any color or finish.

  1. Make Your Own Menorah 

Since menorahs can be costly, have you ever considered making your own? To create a DIY, easy, and affordable menorah, you’ll need: a long, narrow decorative tray, 9 tealight candles, blue rhinestone stickers, and a small but special candle votive. First, wrap the base of your tealights with the blue rhinestone stickers. Next, place the candle votive in the middle of your tray and place one of your tealights in it. Finally, add the remaining tealights, four on either side of the center candle known as the “shamash candle” and you’ve got a custom menorah for mere dollars!

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