Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Trista Sutter & Ryan Sutter

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Trista Sutter & Ryan Sutter

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The season for love and gift-giving is upon us! While many people see Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to turn up the romance on February 14th, others see it as no more than a commercialized holiday that comes with a little more pressure than usual to impress your significant other. No matter which camp you’re in, one thing we can all agree on is that the world needs more love.  

We recently sat down with one of America’s favorite couples—20-year reality dating show alums Trista Sutter and Ryan Sutter—who shared their thoughts on Cupid’s favorite holiday and how they spend it together. 

The first question we asked Trista and Ryan was whether they’re sick and tired of roses yet since it’s rumored that about 93 roses are given out on a typical season of the hit reality dating show. 

I will always love roses,” says Trista, who gave and received her fair share of roses between the two seasons she starred on the reality dating show. “I know there are people who have been on the show that cannot stand them, but I love roses. He probably hates them! [referring to her hubby of 20 years, Ryan].”

I'm indifferent to roses,” Ryan says. “They have a special place in our life, but I prefer daisies.”

When asked where they’ll likely spend Valentine’s Day this year, Trista says,Probably at a dance competition or a hockey game [laughing]. I feel like we are better on everyday days. You know, every morning that he leaves to go to work, I try to leave him a little post-it note telling him I love him or something funny. That kind of sums up our relationship. It's not celebrating the holiday itself, I feel like it's more important to us to celebrate our love every day.”

Ryan agrees, saying: “Valentine’s Day kind of comes with pressure. We try to do something every Valentine's Day, but it's not over-the-top anymore. Instead, we try to live Valentine's Day every day. So when it's actually Valentine's Day, it's just another day.”

The takeaway? Spread love everyday! 

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