12 Fun & Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

12 Fun & Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Whether you need a last-minute Halloween costume or you don’t want to overspend on a costume you’ll only wear once, we’ve got your covered. 

Here are 12 super easy and fun costumes you can throw together quickly for mere dollars—and in some cases—with items you already have on hand. 

  1. Plant Parent

If you spend any time on online, you know you can’t scroll for long without seeing at least a few #plantbaby posts. The recent resurgence of house plants—largely credited to millennials—is much more than a social media fad. Poke fun at foliage fanatics and be a plant parent this Halloween. Strap a house plant into a baby carrier and you’re all set. The only left to do is mentally prepare yourself for the onslaught of proud plant parents gushing about their succulent collections. 

  1. Rollerblading Girl (Or Guy)

Between all the buzz over the upcoming movie and the viral fashion trend that experts say is here to stay, what better time to thrift or invest in a hot pink and neon yellow leggings, a bodysuit, knee and elbow pads and tape some paper wheels on a pair of sneakers to fashion rollerblades? Don’t forget the sun visor.

  1. Pumpkin Spice

All you need is a bright orange shirt, a sharpie to draw on a jack-’o-lantern, a bag of cinnamon sticks, and a glue gun to pull this clever costume together. Carry around a coffee cup to complete the look. 

  1. Sriracha Bottle

Squeeze some extra fun out of Halloween with this ultra simple and universally-loved condiment costume. All you need is an easy-to-find red Sriracha t-shirt, red pants, and a green beanie. Now that’s hot. 

  1. Prickly Cactus 

Get a little prickly this Halloween with this super simple costume. All you need is a green sweater and white pipe cleaners. Fold the pipe cleaners in half and either glue gun them all over the sweater or fish them through and twist. Top the look off with a flower headband. 

  1. 1970s Rock Star

All you need to dress up as an iconic frontman is a pair of white or light-wash jeans, a white tank top and white sneakers, a black studded belt, and matching arm band. Finish the look with slicked-back hair and a thick black mustache. All that’s left to do is practice your best, “Ay-oh!”

  1. Reality TV Show Contestant

For this classic costume just about anyone will recognize, all you need is a dress or a suit from your closet and a trip to the florist for some red roses. Cheesy pickup lines are a must. 

  1. Pineapple

Possibly the easiest of them all, all you need to dress up as this tropical fruit is a yellow shirt or dress and a quick makeshift hat or headband for the crown. There are plenty of ways to fashion the green crown but perhaps the simplest is with green construction paper cut into spiky leaves and curved and taped around your head. 

  1. Cereal Killer

For an innocent nod to a more sinister villain, glue mini cereal boxes all over an old outfit and stab them with little plastic knives and add some blood splatter.  

  1. Smarty Pants 

Buy a bunch of the gluten-free, peanut-free, and dairy-free candy (you know the ones) and glue gun them all over a pair of old pants. You’ll be the hit of the party once you start handing them out. Now that’s a smart icebreaker. 

  1. Work From Home 

We’ve all had plenty of practice with this one. So, not only should you have everything on hand but you can also make it a funny spoof. Pair a dress shirt, blouse or blazer with pajama bottoms and slippers, don a headset and safety-pin a stuffed cat or dog to your shoulder. You can even channel some viral memes with a little something extra in your coffee cup.

  1. A Color Swatch 

If you own a matching top-and-bottom set, dressing as a color swatch is a cinch. Pick your color, print out the matching swatch, and pin it to your shirt. Ta-da, monochromatic magic!

Share this list with someone else looking for a quick costume fix and get ready to eat, drink, and be scary! And don’t forget to tag us @purelyinspirednutrition for a re-share if you dress up in any of these costumes. Happy Halloween!

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