Purely Inspired® Launches “Inspired By” Philanthropic Campaign, Helping Students And Teachers Get Ready For The Upcoming School Year

Purely Inspired® Launches “Inspired By” Philanthropic Campaign, Helping Students And Teachers Get Ready For The Upcoming School Year

The brand, known for its high-quality, delicious, and affordable nutrition products, has been donating its plant-based Organic Protein shakes, shaker cups, and school supplies to classrooms in need across the United States 

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New York, NY (August 16, 2022) – As the golden days of summer come to an end, a new school year is set to begin. To ensure that the school year gets off to a strong start, the Purely Inspired® brand has donated its plant-based Organic Protein nutritional shakes, shaker cups, and back-to-school gift cards to assist with purchasing school supplies – ranging in value from $100, $250, and $500 – to teachers across the United States. 

“The people behind the Purely Inspired® brand are aware of the many sacrifices that teachers make for their students on a regular basis. That’s why we wanted to acknowledge these everyday heroes and support them the best way that we could,” said Jarrod Jordan, Chief Marketing Officer at Iovate Health Sciences International Inc., the makers of the Purely Inspired® brand. “With our Inspired By initiative, our primary objective is to provide high-quality nutrition for the people who need it most. We believe that no child, or any person for that matter, should ever go hungry. It’s what inspires us to create high-quality, great-tasting nutritional products at an affordable price.”

The inspirational brand has also funded projects on DonorsChoose, a 501(c)3 public charity that vets every classroom project before its posted and then ships the requested school supplies directly to the classrooms. These efforts have allowed the Purely Inspired® brand to follow through on its mission of making sure that students and teachers have access to high-quality nutrition all year long.

“This donation will help make sure they (my students) are not hungry at school, and some may need something for home as well,” said Mrs. Cathy Isaacs, a Kindergarten teacher in Tampa, FL, after Purely Inspired® fully funded her “My Tummy Needs a Snack Please” project on DonorsChoose. “This will help them be able to keep their focus on academics instead of a rumbling belly.”

The Purely Inspired® brand also funded Los Angeles middle school teacher Ms. Gonzalez, Munguia-Orozco’s “Snacks For Hungry Students” DonorsChoose project, which was created to give her students snacks to keep them focused on classwork and not hunger. 

“Thank you for supporting my students as I continue to build a classroom where they can focus on the schoolwork and not their hunger,” Ms. Gonzalez, Munguia-Orozco said upon learning her project was fully funded. “With your help I know I can continue to build a positive classroom culture where my students will feel supported and loved.”

To date, the Purely Inspired® brand has donated high-quality nutritional products, shaker cups, and gift cards for school supplies to teachers in Texas, Florida, Georgia, California, Tennessee, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Montana. 

Brooke Hatch, a Pre-K teacher in Texas who received a back-to-school gift card, plus Purely Inspired® products and shaker cups, noted that most people may not be completely aware of all the time, energy, and money that it takes to create fun and educational environments for students. 

“Although at some school districts you are given a lot of supplies and even a little bit of money to spend on your classroom, it doesn’t come close to what we pay out of pocket,” said Hatch. 

This is a company that recognizes how hard teachers work, the stress we go through, and the change we make,” said Jamaica Kirby, a Pre-K teacher in Tennessee who received Purely Inspired® products, a back-to-school gift card, and shaker cups, which will be used as a water bottles since the children at her school aren’t allowed to use the water fountains right now due to COVID restrictions.

Quality and affordability are the top two reasons why Erin Tatum, a Georgia-based second grade teacher and mother, says she uses Purely Inspired® in her everyday life. “Being a teacher in our current economy, I definitely price things and choose based on what is the best bang for my buck. Purely Inspired® is the perfect balance,” said Tatum, who received a back-to-school gift card for school supplies, as well as Purely Inspired® products and shaker cups. “I like that it is plant-based as there are so many benefits from that. I also choose it because it is a quality product at an affordable price.”

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