Plan a Healthy Road Trip

healthy road trip

Be prepared and your next road trip will be a huge success.

Fuel for the Car, Fuel for You

Before you even get on the road, start your morning with a hearty meal, so you start the trip off satisfied and energized. An ideal combo is oatmeal, hard-boiled eggs and fruit.

Plan Meals and Snacks

Load up on healthy snacks that are high on protein and fiber to keep everyone full and avoid mindless snacking.

For the cooler: hummus, Greek yogurt, fruits and veggies, hard-boiled eggs and cheese strings. Frozen grapes in baggies are a perfect way to keep things cool. Plus, grapes, carrots and celery are a nice way to add the crunch factor.

Non-Perishables: nuts, pita pockets, protein bars, popcorn, canned tuna, dark chocolate (but just a bite or two when the sweet craving hits).

If you are dining at restaurants along the way, try to maintain your clean theme by ordering wisely. And don’t disregard farmer’s markets. It’s a great excuse to stretch your legs and restock fresh fruits and veggies.

Stay Hydrated

Enough water is essential for the trip. Think water is bland or boring? Get creative and infuse your water with interesting fruit combos for a refreshing sip.

As well, don’t forget your shaker cup. A scoop of Purely Inspired® Organic Protein will keep you satisfied until your next scheduled meal.

The Extras

Remember to stretch or even do jumping jacks at rest stops to avoid cramping and to stay limber.

Make sure you have sunglasses and sunscreen. Although windows are closed, you’re still not fully protected from the UV rays.

Most importantly, if you start to feel tired, have one of your co-pilots take a turn at the wheel. If everyone is pooped, pull over for a cat nap.