What Does USDA Organic Even Mean?

There are many products on the market that claim to be organic. However, it is very important to look for a product that has the USDA Organic badge on the product label. This gives you the confidence that you are getting a product that meets national standards for organic.

What does this certification mean?

Here are some criteria that a product must meet in order to qualify for this specific type of certification.

  • Avoidance of certain chemicals in the production of the food (e.g., fertilizer, pesticides, antibiotics and food additives), irradiation and the use of sewage sludge
  • No genetically modified or engineered ingredients
  • Use of farmland that has been free from prohibited chemical inputs for a number of years (often three or more)
  • Keeping detailed written production and sales records (audit trail)
  • Maintaining strict physical separation of organic products from non-certified products
  • Undergoing periodic on-site inspections

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