How to Battle 5 Daily Diet Dilemmas

Make-or-Break Moments

We’ve all experienced those moments. Those daily diet dilemma type moments when our bodies are telling us one thing, but our brain knows better. Your melon can only win out so many times, right? Often our poor, unhealthy decisions are made due to situations we find ourselves in. These pesky predicaments, however, are typically avoidable, or at the very least, manageable. We delve into 5 of the biggest daily diet dilemmas you’ve no doubt faced, and even better, we give you simple solutions on how to effectively combat them.


Problem: Not eating breakfast because you’re rushing to get to work.

Bigger Issue: By skipping breakfast you’ve failed to refuel your body after several hours of sleep, where it’s received zero nourishment. That means you’re basically running on empty, your metabolism has been severely slowed down, and you’re setting yourself up to overindulge throughout the rest of your day. While many feel skipping that fist meal will help shed some weight, it actually has the reverse effect.

Solution: Plan ahead. Spend a couple minutes the night before slicing up some fruit for a morning smoothie, or if that’s not doable, stock up on some frozen fruit instead. Instant oatmeal (natural) with some almond butter and berries is even easier. Even just some fruit, low-fat cheese and a small handful of nuts will do the trick. It doesn’t have to be difficult or take up much time. Those 5 extra minutes in the morning will make a world of difference for the next almost 24 hours.

Midmorning Snack

Problem: Snacking on that morning box of doughnuts your co-worker treated the office with.

Bigger Issue: If you’ve already skipped breakfast, that sugar filled doughnut likely looks awfully tempting to help satisfy your growling stomach. Even if you ate after bolting out of bed, a few hours have passed and a box full of Boston crèmes probably is tough to turn down.

Solution: Well firstly, like previously mentioned, make sure you’re eating breakfast before you fly out the door. And secondly, make sure you have some healthy snacks like almonds, celery & carrot sticks, dried fruit, or kale chips near your desk. If you’re already full, it’s much easier to turn down doughnuts or other unhealthy yet enticing snacks. Drinking lots of water, something you should be doing anyway, will also help keep you full and satisfied.


Problem: Going out for lunch with your co-workers to restaurants that specialize in fried, high fat foods.

Bigger Issue: Well, it’s pretty obvious. Burgers, fries, wings and a ton of other options available at fast food and many dine-in restaurants may taste great, but are your waistline’s worst enemy. Common sense, right.

Solution: While the plastic guarded menus may be screaming at you to order the banquet burger with a side of onion rings, keep perusing, because all restaurants – especially today – offer healthier options. And if you can’t find one, just ask the waiter if you can vegetarianize or cut the fat from other items on their menu. Better yet, make a suggestion to go out somewhere you know you’ll find something diet-friendly once in a while. Not every time, but it’s got to be your turn to pick a Friday lunch destination once in a while. If not, find new friends!

Getting Home From Work

Problem: Dropping yourself on the couch and vegging out before going to bed.

Bigger Issue: Well the issue could be two-fold. If you’ve planted yourself on the sofa and flicked on the tube for a night of sitcom repeats, it likely means your cross trainers are spending another night collecting dust in the front closet. The scenario is also the perfect storm for a bag of chips or handful of cookies to find their way into the equation.

Solution: Plan your exercise routine right into your day, like you would any other critical appointment (i.e. doctor’s appointment, picking up the kids from school, etc…). Once it’s part of the structure of your day, missing it won’t be an option. When you go in with the mindset of, “I’ll hit the gym when I get a chance,” more often than not, it’s not happening. Don’t give yourself the opportunity to take the easy way out.

Late Night Snack

Problem: You’ve had dinner, your day is pretty much done, but you’re feeling peckish.

Bigger Issue: Like earlier in the day, unhealthy options always seem like the first thing you grab for, and always seem to creep up at night, often due to boredom – snacking’s greatest nemesis.

Solution: Before you reach for that bag of chips, ask yourself if you really are hungry. Drink a glass of ice water and wait 10 minutes, since thirst can be misinterpreted as hunger.

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