Craving Busters

Bypass cravings with a little strategic planning

Cravings are common. They can be brought on by a bad day or by watching your favorite cooking show. Now, while a little indulgence may occasionally help boost your mood, giving in every time a craving hits will end up sabotaging your goals. Here are five strategies to keep you prepared when a craving hits.

  1. Plan ahead: Nothing’s worse for a craving than an empty fridge. Knowing there is a lovely meal awaiting you as soon as you walk in the door or dipping into the prepped container of fresh fruit you have on standby will keep you satisfied and proud of your willpower.
  2. Multitask: If your Monday night usually involves watching reality television accompanied by a large bowl of Chicago Mix, find something to take your mind off the munchies. Fold laundry, paint your nails, or peruse Purely Inspired healthy recipes.
  3. Have a plan B: If a savory snack is your downfall, a handful of olives or a dill pickle can do the same for the taste buds as a bag of chips. Peanut butter and jam on a rice cake may be the sweet substitution you need!
  4. Drink up: When a craving hits, it might not be hunger at all. It’s possible you’re thirsty. Take the time to down some water. Even better, add some lemon wedges or cucumber slices.
  5. Hit the gym: Chances are good that once your endorphins get pumping, you’ll feel so good about your efforts in the gym, it will be like the craving never happened. Follow it up with Purely Inspired Organic Protein shake for a sweet reward.

Organic Protein

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