Make The Most Of Autumn

Autumn activity

Autumn is the perfect time to reconnect with yourself and nature. On crisp fall days when the temperature is cool and the sun is bright, you can take advantage of the beautiful weather and get lost in a sea of vibrant red, yellow, and orange autumn colors. Or if you feel that it’s too chilly outside, you can cozy up indoors and snuggle up underneath a comfy blanket with a good book and a warm seasonal drink.  

So, whether you’re someone who prefers to stay indoors and hibernate in the fall or you’re someone who would rather be outside and jump in leaf piles with your kids, we’ve got you covered with a fall bucket list that will allow you to slow down and embrace autumn this year, while also having a whole lot of fun!  

Ways To Slow Down And Embrace Autumn 

Sometimes the best way to reconnect with yourself, your partner, or your children is to disconnect from technology for a little bit. Getting outdoors and taking a screen-free break can also do wonders for your emotional and mental health. In fact, some of the benefits of unplugging from your tech include reducing stress and anxiety, the opportunity to focus on appreciation and gratitude, getting more time for simple pleasures, and allowing yourself to connect with the natural world, while truly being present.  

So, in order to make the most of autumn this year, pick a day to unplug from your tech and head out into nature with your family, or do fun fall activities together indoors. To get you started with some ideas, here are 15 autumnal activities that you and your family can do this fall.  

14 Autumnal Activities For Your Fall Bucket List 

1. Take An Autumn Hike: Cooler temperatures and epic scenery makes autumn the perfect time to go for a hike. Exposure to sun during an autumn hike stimulates vitamin D production, which can help boost your mood and keep your bones strong, as well. The intake of fresh air during an autumn hike also promotes immunity, while the smells found in nature can help offset feelings of anxiety. Experiencing the outdoors during autumn can serve as a welcome reminder to focus on the present, too.  

2. Enjoy The Fall Leaves: Autumn leaves are one of the best parts of the fall season. They’re beautiful, you can take creative photos of them, and what kid doesn’t love jumping in leaf piles? Sure, you may not love to rake leaves. But there’s no denying that raking leaves offers a good arm workout and is also a great way to get your steps in for the day. That said, make sure that an adult is always present whenever children are jumping in leaves, especially ones meant for leaf pick-up.  

3. Go Apple Picking: Picking apples at an orchard is a wonderful family-friendly fall activity. There’s nothing quite like eating apples that you picked yourself either. They just seem to taste that much more delicious. You can also bake with the apples that you picked or make apple cider with them when you get back home. To make sure that you’re prepared for your trip to the orchard, check out these apple picking tips before you go.  

4. Visit A Famer’s Market: Apples, pumpkins, sunflowers, and squash are all in season during the fall. So, head to your local farmer’s market and pick up these delicious foods and beautiful flowers in order to add some seasonal flair to your home.  

5. Carve Pumpkins: Whether you choose to carve a classic jack-o’-lantern or attempt to make one of these creative designs, carving pumpkins will help you get into the Halloween spirit. It also allows you to show off your crafting skills.  

6. Bring Autumn Indoors: When you and your family go on autumn walks, pick up pine cones and then place them in a jar or a bowl to create a stylish fall decoration. You can also create a fall vibe indoors by putting apples in a basket and placing pumpkins in different areas around your house.  

7. Enjoy Warm Food And Warm Drinks: Cooler weather means that it’s time for warm food and warm drinks. So, get ready to make lots of chili and soup. You can also slow down, cozy up indoors, and take a mindful coffee drinking break. And for all of  you pumpkin spice lovers out there who are looking for a pumpkin spice latte that doesn’t have a ton of extra sugar, try this pumpkin spice smoothie recipe instead.  

8. Have A Spooky Movie Marathon: On a rainy (or especially chilly) day, you can have a spooky movie marathon with friends or family (even after Halloween!). For inspiration on movies to add to the marathon, check out this Halloween movies list that features familiar classics, scary movies, and more mellow titles that are appropriate for kids.  

9. Host A Fall-Themed Party: fall-themed party is a great way to celebrate the season with your nearest and dearest. Since fall gives us lots of reasons to celebrate, you can either host a general fall party or even a Halloween/costume party, an apple pie bake off, or a fall wreath making party. And don’t forget about Friendsgiving, too!  

10. Fill Your Home With The Smells Of Fall: Fall scents have the ability to envelop us and our families in the spirit of the season. To make your home smell like fall, you can either hang a cinnamon broom, make a simmer pot, burn an autumn candle, or diffuse some fall-friendly essential oils. 

11. Make A Gratitude List: Since Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for what you have, make a list of things that you’re thankful for with a gratitude journal. If you enjoy this gratitude practice, write down three things that you’re grateful for each morning after you wake up, as well as three things that you’re grateful for every night before you go to bed.  

12. Volunteer or Perform Random Acts Of Kindness: If you want to give back to your community during the fall season, consider volunteering at a food bank to help the less fortunate. You can also perform random acts of kindness in the fall and do something nice for someone else just because. Not only will a random act of kindness bring a smile to someone else’s face, it’ll also bring a smile to your face. 

13. Prioritize Your Health: Since fall is peak cold and flu season, it’s an excellent time to become mindful about your fall well-being routine. Some healthy living tips include washing your hands regularly, exercising, getting outside, eating right, and making sure that you’re hydrating. To keep your mind, body, and soul strong this fall, aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day, and also practice mindfulness techniques such as meditation.  

14. Get Cozy, Hibernate, and Spend Time With You: As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, you might be tempted to stay inside and hibernate. If that’s what makes you feel good, then go for it! Live your best cozy autumn life by cuddling in front of a fire or snuggling with a comfy, fuzzy blanket, a good book, and a hot cup of tea. You can also use this alone time to listen to your feelings or to express your creativity.  

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