5 Tips for A Feel Good Morning Routine

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By Women’s Wellness Coach, Katja Lillian 

How many of us stay up too late, scroll social media mindlessly, wake up late and feel scatter-brained and anxious the rest of the day?

Yeah, me too. 

I hated this feeling and thought there must be a better way to start the day. Here are 10 tips I’ve incorporated into my morning routine that have changed not only my day but also my LIFE:

1. Go to bed at a reasonable time

When we go to bed at a normal hour, let’s say 10 or 11, you are more likely to wake up without anxiety because you just got 7-9 hours of sleep. If you only receive 4 hours of sleep, when you wake up, you’ll think “already?!” Or “are you serious!?”. These type of thoughts will start your day off with a negative mindset. 

2. Wake up to an alarm clock vs. your phone

The best case scenario is for you to wake up without an alarm. This allows your inner body clock to naturally wake up once fully rested. However, most of us have to wake up by a specific time so it’s better to wake up with an alarm clock vs. your phone. It prevents you from mindlessly scrolling on social media or checking emails that could be urgent. If you start your day on your phone, you get sucked into a reactive mindset vs. a proactive one.

3. Read 10 pages of a book or journal

Reading or writing starts to activate the brain. Waking it up will help stimulate it for thinking, problem-solving and mindfulness throughout the day. One step further, reading helps you learn and therefore, you feel smarter! Journaling allows you to feel more connected to yourself and you can make better decisions based off of what you actually want to do.

4. Drink Water

Before coffee, tea, matcha or any morning beverage you might consume, start with a glass of water. This allows your system to become hydrated and removes toxins. I’ve also been incorporating this Healthy Beets superfood powder by @purelyinspirednutrition’s into my water and it’s been such a great way to get hydrated AND superfoods.

5. Go Outside

Whether it’s a walk around the block, stretching or simply grounding in some grass, getting some fresh air first thing in the morning helps you naturally wake up. An added bonus is if you get some sunshine for that Vitamin D and natural energy!

What else would you add to this list?

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