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Purely Inspired caught back up with figure skating legend Nancy Kerrigan right before she stepped foot on the ice to perform live at the Ice Dreams Tour 2022 in Morristown, New Jersey. 

The legendary figure skater and mother of three shared her new favorite morning meal, the one part of her morning routine that she can’t do without, and why access to high-quality nutrition is so important for everyone. She also let us in on who she wants to spend Mother’s Day with this year. 

Q: Do you have a favorite morning meal for busy mornings like today when you’re rehearsing and then have a performance in the evening?

A: “Since I talked to you, I have a new go-to meal. My daughter introduced me to overnight oats, and I love it! It’s so easy and good. And then, whatever fruits we have available – just throw in some fruit and it’s good to go. 

Or I make protein shakes often. So, something that’s nice and quick and you can get in. You know, good, healthy start to the day and some protein is perfect.” 

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Q: What’s the one part of your morning routine that you can’t do without? 

A: “Brushing my teeth. I mean, it’s one thing that you do every day, of course. You know, wash my face, brush my teeth – just getting a good start to the day. So, what can’t I do without in the morning? I can’t do without that!”

Q: You’ve used your celebrity and platform to amplify causes for positive change. You created The Nancy Kerrigan Foundation, which distributes grants to nonprofit organizations that support the visually impaired. And now, as part of the Purely Inspired partnership with the Ice Dreams Tour, you’re using your platform to help provide up to one million meals* to people facing hunger through the Fight Hunger. Spark Change. campaign. Why is it so important to you to make sure that all people have access to high-quality nutrition? 

A: “It’s important for us to be able to think more clearly and feel better. When you have better nutrition, I think we can perform at anything better – our jobs, our life, being a parent. Like, anything you do, you can do with better energy if you have better nutrition. It all definitely contributes to just having a healthier thought process in life. So, it’s an honor to be a part of something like that.” 

Q: There’s a lot of health and wellness advice out there, but a wellness journey shouldn’t have to be complicated. What’s your advice for keeping it simple? 

A: “Go back to the basics. Well-balanced meals are always something good to go by. Eating all the colors of the rainbow…If we do that, if we eat greens and orange and red and all these different colors – they all do different things for our body. And so it’s just important to get back to that sort of basic mentality that we learned in grade school. Or from our moms. My mom was always about getting lots of sleep and eating a well-balanced meal.”

Q. Speaking of moms, Mother’s Day is a big focus for the Purely Inspired Brand. Are there any past Mother’s Days that really stood out for you? How would you like to spend Mother’s Day this year?

A: “Well, with my mother! (Smiling) There have been a few times when we’ve gone into the city for a special brunch. But I think I like it best when we make a big brunch here and have it at home and just hang out and spend time together.

Certainly, I’d like it if my oldest – who has been living in New York for the past six years – comes home. But, he’s so busy. He works like seven days a week all the time. It’s just best if we’re together.” 

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Upcoming Ice Dreams Tour Schedule:

May 13 – University of Delaware (Newark, DE) 

May 14 – Milford Ice Arena (Milford, CT)

May 15 – New England Sports Center (Worcester, MA)

June 3 – OBM Arena (Strongsville, OH)

June 4 – Suburban Ice (Rochester, MI)

June 5 – Northbrook Sports Center (Northbrook, IL)

June 12 – Northwell Health Ice Center (East Meadow, NY)

For tickets, visit www.icedreamstour.com


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