40 Feel Good Life Lessons

Dominique Moceaneau

To celebrate Purely Inspired Brand Ambassador, Dominique Moceanu’s 40th birthday, we asked her to share 40 feel good lessons and realizations she had as she turns this milestone age!  

  1. I am proud of my hard-earned confidence. 
  2. I’m reaping the benefits of the healthy, habit of exercise I developed as a child.
  3. I have a better understanding of a healthy work and life balance. 
  4. I’ve had sufficient time to make my weaknesses my strengths. 
  5. I am actually fine-tuning my ability to learn more effectively given the last four decades I’ve been learning. 
  6. I am teaching more effectively. 
  7. I feel that I’m just beginning to explore my creative side. 
  8. I believe my emotional intelligence is just beginning to peak.  My ability to identify and understand other people’s emotions is a cognitive skill that I’m sharpening. 
  9. I am reading more. 
  10. I have a more expansive personal lexicon. 
  11. I feel better about myself than I’ve ever felt before.  My self-esteem is at an all-time high. 
  12. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. 
  13. I am more proactive about my health.  I see my doctors before little issues become big problems. 
  14. Given the experiences in my life, I feel more emotionally prepared than ever. 
  15. I’ve become a good judge of character. 
  16. I’ve cultivated my ability to be more patient. 
  17. I’ve learned the value of downtime and how it makes me more productive. 
  18. I have gotten good at forgiving people. 
  19. My age has allowed me to have experience which has given me knowledge that I enjoy sharing. 
  20. I’m better at improvising. 
  21. I’m better at adapting. 
  22. I’m better at overcoming. 
  23. I’m stronger in my convictions than ever before.  Instead of making editorial comments from the sidelines, I feel that I am better at using my passion to fuel my actions. 
  24. I’m reaping the cumulative benefits of not devoting valuable time and energy to activities that have no meaning to me. 
  25. My tolerance for drama is zero. 
  26. I have earned more respect at 40. 
  27. I’ve carved out a career, and I have a business that makes a discernible impact on the lives of young children, gymnasts, parents, and my employees. 
  28. I’ve witnessed more and more people seek out my advice as I’ve approached 40. 
  29. I express more humility now. 
  30. I have so much more freedom at this stage in my life. 
  31. I’ve never been more accepting of my weaknesses. 
  32. I’ve never been more kind to myself. 
  33. Loyalty has never meant more to me. 
  34. I’ve reclaimed all of the power individuals attempted to take away from me. 
  35. I’ve learned to be genuinely happy for the success of others. 
  36. My women’s intuition has never been sharper. 
  37. I’ve learned the power of “no”.   
  38. I know what I like. 
  39. I know what I don’t like. 
  40. I’ve learned the value of good nutrition and the impact it has on every facet of my life.