How To Get The Most Out Of Your Gym Enrollment


It’s a problem many have run into. You decide to join a gym, shell out the coin, go religiously for a couple of weeks, and then something happens. You stop going. Whether it’s legitimate or not, some sort of excuse sneaks into your subconscious and you opt for the sofa versus the stair climber most nights. Instead of feeling physically fit, you end up feeling guilty for not only veering off your weight loss plan, but also for all the money going to waste on that useful but seldom used membership. That sad scenario ends today! We share 5 useful tips on how to make going to the gym, especially if you’re just starting, a little more appealing, manageable and even enjoyable.

Don’t Overdo It

Many new and eager gym goers are extremely enthusiastic about heading to the gym for the first time. Sometimes too eager however. Overtraining can lead to muscle stiffness and even injury, souring your initial first impressions of this new active lifestyle. Make sure you have a proper workout plan and take it somewhat easy at first. Increase the intensity of your workouts steadily, not in one massive stride when you’re just starting.

Goal Setting

Being realistic with what you can accomplish is key. Sets a series of goals that are measurable and achievable. The more specific you are, the better. Don’t be vague in your approach, it will lead to cheating. Set a specific ideal weight you want to get to or the amount of time you need to spend doing cardio. Getting those on paper will make you more accountable.

Personal Trainer

Gym newbies are usually eager, but can often become intimidated by gyms. Watching people using foreign equipment with perfect form, while they struggle to get the timer working on their stationary bike, isn’t always the most motivating situation. Seeking the help of a personal trainer can help get your acclimated to their gym, determine how exactly to use all their equipment, and also get some great motivation and advise. An informed personal trainer can help immensely in building your new fitness foundation.

Scheduled Workouts

Many gyms and studios offer set classes for a wide variety of fitness activities like yoga, spinning, kettle bell training, pilates and a host of others. Typically you need to sign up or at least book a spot for these sessions. By booking class sessions, you’re less likely to skip.

Find a Partner

Working out with a friend forces you to commit even more, since you don’t want to let them down by eventually blowing off the gym. Plus, having someone there can be extremely motivating and fun.