Why What We Eat Matters

Why What We Eat Matters

Why I Eat Healthy…ENERGY

I get this question all the time. “How do you stay so motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle?”

One word: Energy.

By Women’s Wellness Coach, Katja Lillian 

I’m sure we’re all familiar with that heavy feeling after a huge, boozy brunch, a burger and fries for lunch or a burrito with rice and beans for dinner. 

Hear me when I say that there is nothing (absolutely nothing) wrong with that food or those meal choices. 

But what I know from my personal experience is that I always get a food coma after a big meal. I feel heavy, tired, lethargic and sometimes even down.

Did you know certain foods are linked to feeling down?

Yup. There is an entire field that is devoted to studying the connection between food and mental health, known as “Nutritional Psychiatry”. Read it for yourself here.

What we eat matters. 

Not only for mental health but for physical energy. I’ve noticed when I keep my meals light and snack often in-between, my energy is high all day long. 

Some examples of my meals are smoothies and toast, salad with salmon, chickpea curry, etc. Some examples of my snacks are power bars, hard boiled eggs, veggies and hummus, etc. 

When I have energy and my mindset is positive, I experience a ton of benefits: I wake up earlier, I’m more active, I’m more social, I am able to connect in meaningful ways, I’m able to build my business, I read more, I’m a nicer human being and so many more.

Keeping my meals light, protein-packed and plant-based are a great idea to maintain high energy throughout your day and to keep not only a positive and happy mindset but also LIFE.

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