The Do’s & Don’ts of Working from Home

purelyinpsired working from home

If you’ve been Working In while you Stay In, here’s how to make your day a productive one.

Start Your Day Strong

Don’t: Roll out of bed 15 minutes before your start time.
Do: Rise and shine nice and early to ease into your morning. Give yourself enough time to prep a protein smoothie and fuel yourself with nutrients, ready for whatever the boss throws your virtual way!

Glam In While You Work In

Don’t: Work in your PJ’s.
Do: You’d be surprised how productive you feel when you change out of your sweats. Try jeans and a bright colored top to add some feel-good color into your day. If you really want to go for it, surprise your co-workers by modeling some sparkly accessories for your Friday video conferences. They’ll get a kick out of it!

Watch Your Posture In While You Work In

Don’t: Work on the couch or bed to avoid hunching over.
Do: Create a desk environment, even if it’s at the kitchen table. Maintain good posture and get up and stretch often.

Prep Healthy Snacks & Lunches

Don’t: Skip meals or snacks until you suddenly find yourself famished and grab something out of convenience.
Do: Like you would (hopefully) for a day at the office, keep healthy snacks and your lunch ready to go. Graze on snacks throughout the day to stay full and focused. Here’s a list of healthy snacks to help with variety and cravings.

Dial Up the Happy

Don’t: Check the news throughout the day.
Do: Try to limit your COVID updates to once, maybe twice a day. While staying informed is important, the news can be heavy at times and instantly turn your mood. Instead, keep inspirational pics and artwork in your makeshift office, and focus on cute posts to make you smile.