The Clean Foods We Never Tire Of

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If all has gone according to plan, you’re well into your 2020 clean eating lifestyle. However, this could be the point where you’re getting a little tired of eating the same healthy food all the time. We get it. That’s why we want to remind you of all the benefits of these “clean” staples. And if you’re ready to unleash a little creativity, the options are unlimited.


When it comes down to it, eggs could be the perfect food. One large egg delivers 6g of protein, 0g of fat, and even a small dose of vitamin D. They’re extremely budget friendly, they’re nothing if not versatile, and even in their simplest form – hard boiled – they’re delicious!

What we’re loving now: Shakshuka


A keto-dieter’s staple, avocados just may be our favorite fruit. Satiating? Check. Tasty? Check, check. A replacement for butter and mayo? Check, check and check. Bonus: avocados even come in their own bowl for on-the-go dining convenience!

What we’re loving now: Avocado Pudding


Don’t like veggies? Well, here comes a dose of tough love. Too bad! Vegetables, especially greens, are integral to a healthy diet. But, with the right combo of oils and spices, or even some ingenious camouflage, you’ll completely forget that they’re good for you!

What we’re loving now: Mini Broccoli Frittatas


Has this ever happened to you? You’re overcome by hunger and you didn’t plan ahead? Instead of bolting to the closest coffee shop or food truck, keep a supply of unsalted almonds or mixed nuts in your purse. But, that’s not all they’re great for. Oatmeal and salad toppers are just the beginning.

What we’re loving now: Pecan Crusted Salmon


Besides being loaded with fiber, berries are just plain delicious. They’re super low in calories, so you can feel good about adding them to Greek yogurt or smoothies, or just eating them as-is to satisfy your sweet tooth.

What we’re loving now: Berry Infused Water