Social Distancing Self-Care Ideas

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With everything happening in the world right now, we’re all trying to adjust to our new sense of normal. This is a completely unprecedented time, but it doesn’t have to be entirely negative. Some things still remain uncertain, but with an open mind, we can find ways to focus on the silver linings amidst the chaos. We can take this time to reconnect with our loved ones, and more importantly, reconnect with ourselves. We’ve been forced to slow down, so let’s make the most of it. Here are some simple ways to take care of yourself during the quarantine.

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Support Your Immune System

Instead of stockpiling toilet paper, you should make sure that your immune system is as strong as it can be. Lots of water, a good night’s sleep and a healthy diet will keep your body in tip-top shape, so that you can fight off any germs that come knocking.

morning meditation

Carve Out Time for Yourself

If you’re working from home, do your best to take some time for yourself. Giving yourself time for morning meditation, a home-cooked meal, or even your favorite television show will help keep your heart and mind at ease during this trying time.

Stay Creative

D.I. why? Because it keeps you motivated. Paint, journal, bake – the possibilities are endless! You might reignite an old passion or spark a new flame. Either way, you’ll be keeping your mind stimulated, so you won’t catch any cabin fever.

woman cleaning her bedroom

Clean Your Room

“I don’t have time” is no longer an excuse. You’re going to be spending a lot of extra time at home over the next little while, so why not make it a clutter-free zone? Organize your things, donate old clothes and dust off that shelf that you’ve been meaning to organize for… forever.

Yoga at home

Get Active

Just because the gym is closed, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get your heart pumping! Get outside for a walk, do some yoga in your living room or just take some time to stretch. There are tons of people livestreaming workouts and yoga practices all over social media right now, so you can join in, get your sweat on and feel that sense of community.

Take a Mental Health Day

Take a Mental Health Day

You can do all of the above or none of the above – it’s completely up to you. You know yourself best, so just make sure that you’re taking the time over the next little while to do the things that make you the happiest – whatever they may be. This isn’t going to be easy, but we’re all in it together. Spread some joy and keep your head up – things will get better.