Rock Your Wellbeing Routine This Fall

enjoying fall weather

If your health and wellbeing routine took a backseat over the past few months, you’re not alone. Summertime is prime time to relax the rules a little bit. But now that the vacay is over, it’s back to reality, and time to get the healthy routine back on track. But where to begin? By implementing these good-for-you habits, you’ll be rocking your best self way before you can say “Halloween”.

Prioritize Health

Real talk time. With fall quickly approaching and winter not far behind there is no better opportunity to start thinking about your immune support strategy. Stay strong mind, body and soul by aiming for at least 30 minutes of activity every day as well as practicing mindfulness techniques such as mediation. Also, fill your meal plan with nutrient packed fruits and vegetables, and don’t forget about supplements like our Superfoods collection. Emerging research shows the combination of vitamin C and zinc help to support a normal functioning immune system.

Set Attainable Goals

Even though the past few months may have been an indulgent time, avoid extremes with your new and improved routine. Instead of going “cold turkey” with old habits, try setting daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Introduce into your routine things like adding more steps into your day. Less take out and processed foods, more cooking at home with fresh ingredients. A solid eight hour sleep every night and drinking more water throughout the day are also practical, achievable goals.

A Protein To Feel Good About

Jam-packed with 22g of protein per serving and a taste that’s better than ever, it’s the perfect complement to healthy lifestyles.


You don’t have to go it alone. Recruit your BFF to become your BGB (best gym buddy). If you’re back in the office, round up a few pals to start a walking club at lunch. Or how about signing up for an indoor soccer or join the local bowling league? Not only are you getting the calories burning, but it’s the opportunity to make new friends and definitely have some laughs. Who doesn’t look adorable in a bowling shirt?


You may not realize it, but an abundance of screen time can have an impact on your wellbeing. It could be time to take a good look at who you’re following and the type of content you’re viewing. If you find yourself feeling a little down after a scroll, perhaps there is too much negativity on your feed. Panda and pasta videos yes, toxic talk no. Also, check in to see how much time you’re spending online. Give yourself time limits and always avoid screens an hour before bed. Lull yourself into a deep sleep with a good book or some old-fashioned journaling. You’ll thank us in the morning!