3 Things You Must Know About GMOs

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are a controversial topic in the farming and nutrition communities. At Purely Inspired®, we believe everyone should educate themselves about health and nutrition.


1. They could be creating a vicious cycle of pesticide use

One of the main arguments people use in support of GMOs is that they can be developed to be pest resistant without the need to add pesticides. Unfortunately, pests are expected to eventually evolve to the point that they overcome GMO deterrents. Farmers may then have to use stronger chemicals to ward off these pests, eventually making pesticide usage higher than ever.


2. It’s more than just your produce

GMOs are used in a vast variety of prepackaged goods, so look beyond the produce section. Purely Inspired has non-GMO Organic Protein and non-GMO Organic Greens if you’re looking for alternatives!


3. Effects are still uncertain

Although there isn’t 100% conclusive evidence on the side effects that come along with GMO products, some food scientists believe there are reasons to be cautious. More importantly, we don’t know what a lifetime of eating GMOs may do to the human body.

Don’t panic! Consumers still have a choice. There are still plenty of non-GMO products available, you just have to look for the special label, as seen on our Organic Protein and Organic Greens, which indicates something is non-GMO. Be sure to share this with a friend to keep them eating purely too!

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