Cook Once, Eat All Week

Set aside a few prep hours on Sunday, and for the rest of the week, don’t give cooking a second thought. What is the key to a keeping your diet clean? In one word, preparation! If you have your [...]

What makes organic different

Sure, you know that organic food products (such as our delicious Organic Protein) are produced differently than non-organic, but how so? Here are three of the biggest differences between organic [...]

Top 6 Trending Superfoods

Trends come and go. Some we’ve tried and loved – others, not so much. But along with a new year comes a new batch. Here are six exciting foods to chew on!

Craving Busters

Cravings are common. They can be brought on by a bad day or by watching your favorite cooking show. Now, while a little indulgence may occasionally help boost your mood, giving in every time a [...]

Increase Your Daily Energy

The hustle and bustle of modern day society demands that we keep our energy levels high just to keep up with life. Having low energy can make life challenging, especially if you are trying to [...]

How to take the PI diet pills

Having trouble figuring out how to take your Purely Inspired® weight loss products? Use this incredibly easy-to-follow infographic to help simplify your dosing protocol!

6 Great Choices for your Diet Plan

When it comes to your diet plan, there really are no shortcuts. You’ll have to watch your calorie intake and have disciplined eating habits combined with a steady workout program. The following [...]